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This post is gonna be a bit different.

I wanted to take some time to inform you about some personal updates, some website updates, and some exciting news. Here’s a table of contents so you can skip to what you’re most interested in.

Book Deal!

First off, I’m officially a signed author! Lake Drive Books signed me two weeks ago, and our plan is to have my book — Stumbling: a snarky yet sincere memoir about coming out of evangelicalism and the closet — published within 6-9 months.

I am so excited to be working with Lake Drive and their amazing team, and I’m so excited for the people endorsing me! I don’t want to reveal who all is on the list because we’re still negotiating some things, but I will keep you all in the loop as we continue down this publishing journey.

Website Updates

If you are new to the website, WELCOME! So glad you’re here! I haven’t posted in a while due to working on the book and such, but I’m going to start regularly posting writings around sexuality, spirituality, and faith. (Regularly is a STRONG word. I don’t have a particular rhythm. I think posting for the sake of posting is dumb. So you’ll get a post when I feel inspired. The end.)

Along the lines of content, my next project is going to be blogs that are similar to devotionals but for post-evangelicals and more poetic than instructional. This comes from a survey I did on Instagram with my followers, asking them what they want. Eventually these will be turned into a free e-book that all website subscribers will receive.

Also, I’m utilizing a new plug in to better manage my blog posts and newsletters. It’s very possible you’re going to get a few more emails as I get all my lists uploaded into the new platform. I’M SUPER SORRY IF THIS HAPPENS. It should only happen over the next few days. If you experience lots of emails after that, shoot me an email. Hopefully it’ll all transition smoothly.

Lastly, if you subscribed to the website and you only want to be alerted about book stuff and not website/blog stuff, shoot me an email. I’ll unsubscribe you from the website, then add you to a different email list that’s devoted to just the book. I only want to send what you want to see.

Content Expectations

I primarily use my website for long-form posts. I do post far more regularly on Instagram. If you’re not following me on there yet and you like my writing, I would recommend checking out my account. If you like my snarky more silly side, I would check out my TikTok. Don’t follow me on Twitter; I’m a bad author and don’t leverage that platform a ton.

I’m doing more investigative work these days. I’m currently digging through data around why people are leaving Christianity (spoiler alert: it has to do with Christians) and also interviewing faith leaders (Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Jewish, Pagan, etc.) about who/what is the Divine. You’ll likely see that content first on TikTok, but it’ll definitely end up here too.

If you’re wanting to consume more of my content, you can either dig through the blog or go to my writing portfolio, where I’ve listed some of my more favorite pieces.

As always, thanks for reading. I love that you’re here.

Personal Update

(I normally don’t do this. Normally my posts are more pretty. But here’s a very dry update on my life. Don’t judge me on the content. I promise the next stuff will be better. Also, feel free to skip if you’re not crazy into what’s going on personally with me.

Life is weird. A year a go I was flying back from Korea for my best friend’s funeral because his heart decided to stop. The whole event really put a damper on moving abroad and the last year has felt like picking up the pieces to move forward.

I moved to Washington for a bit. I fell in love. It ended. I dated again. Started to fall for him. Ended. Now back in Colorado Springs, figuring out what the hell is next a little cynical towards life (just be honest, per usual), but in the last few days, I’ve felt more hope.

I’m not exactly sure what’s next. I know I don’t want to stay in Colorado Springs. It hasn’t been the best for me, so I’m looking at where to move. I have a fully remote job with the Virginia Society of CPAs doing marketing to pay the bills. They just won’t let me leave the US, so I’m scheming about where makes sense for me.

All that said, I truly am so excited about the book — it’s a dream come true. I’ve been writing since I was in first grade, and I fell in love. My first book was about a beaver blowing up the houses of pilgrims who stole his wood (even back then I was heavy on justice). To see my content and voice received has been so exciting.

The End and Thank You

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! You’re the real MVP. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for readers like you who have believed in me over the years. So thank you! Thank you for believing me and joining me on this journey.

PS, all these photos are from the lovely Ariel Lobdell. Check her out on Instagram.

With love and sincerity,

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