About the Author

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Brandon, and I write about honest, messy things, specifically around my faith and sexuality.

Being raised in evangelical Christendom as a closeted gay man wasn’t exactly a Sunday brunch, and unwinding what is real and true for me post-closet has been a twisting journey, full of trailblazing, thorn bushes, and dead ends. But my hope is that my stumblings and wanderings can somehow help others find their way or at least not feel so alone.

Regarding publications, I’m a published journalist with the Colorado Springs Indy and The Scribe. I also have academic studies and essays with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. To read those and more, check out my Writing Portfolio page.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns for my eternal soul, you can email me at brandondarrelllaneflanery@gmail.com.

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