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I write about honest, messy things, specifically relating to the intersection of faith and sexuality.

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Decision making in the wake of deconstruction

How do we make choices when decision making was outsourced in evangelicalism?

In the wake of deconstruction, we must newly wrestle with the question “How do I want to live?” The question can be debilitating, but I think we can find answers in the most horrific of places: The Holocaust.

I’m Grateful for Trump

I’m grateful for Trump…
Not for the nationalism… Not for the anti-trans policies… Not for calling white supremacists “good people. Not for any of that…
I’m grateful for Trump because he was a catalyst for my straight friends to deconstruct their faith.

A Critique of “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” and Christianity as a Whole

“The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” is a powerful podcast created by Christianity Today that critiques and explores, through thorough investigative journalism, what went wrong with the megachurch of Mark Driscoll. As an exvangelical, it was cathartic yet instigating, bringing up old wounds and offenses. But one thing I think the podcast fails to do is critique the church […]

We should break the law

What do we do when laws are used to cause harm? Through the example of Jesus, we see the answer is breaking them.


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