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My name is Brandon Flanery, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I write about honest, messy things, specifically relating to the intersection of faith and sexuality, and I got a book coming out this year.


A Sassy Memoir about Coming out of

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Independence is a scam

As a nation, we adore independence. But at what cost, especially when our species wasn’t built for it?

Your child is safer at a Pride event than at a church

The data shows that churches and pastors are a bigger risk to children than drag queens and Pride events. So why all the rhetoric around why queer people being threats to children? One answer: queerphobia.

What if God is carnal?

In Christian texts, the idea of “the body of Christ” is often used as a cliche, rather than an actual practice. But what does it look like to embody and behold the Divine within?

God is trans

God is trans — their pronouns are they / them — and to not stand with trans individuals is not Biblical.


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