where LGBTQ+ people of faith come to find connection, belonging, and love

the deets

As co-founder and content lead, Brandon was responsible for all things copy. This included UX/UI, website, press release, social media, and blogs. The goal was to create a cohesive voice, sounding like that trusted, honest friend, the one who’s your biggest fan.

✨ company values

When it came to voice, we crafted it in alignment to our values, values that we knew were important to both ourselves as founders and the community we served. To see the whole list, check out believr’s About page.

🔑 sign-in page

From the first moment users encountered us, we wanted to build trust; our login page was no exception. On this page, we declare who we are and what users can expect when using our app.

📰 dashboard

By definition, introductions are only the beginning. And while trust is formed from our very first interaction, it flourishes with history — which is why our community guidelines were ever before our user’s gaze, not buried in the fine print. Here on the dashboard, users are reminded with each session that we are there to protect them. (PS, as a grammar nerd, I will own that the comma after the first “nice” is wrong. This was added after I left the company, and hopefully it doesn’t annoy you as much as it annoys me.)

To learn more about believr, check out their website and app.

To see more of Brandon’s writing, check out his writing portfolio.